“Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” 

Warren Buffett

Our Services

Our objective is to keep our service offering simple, as complexity clouds understanding. The services you require will depend on your unique needs and circumstances. Each product has various benefits and drawbacks. It is our role to guide you through the process and ensure the most effective blend, to maximise desired outcomes.

Capvest Wealth Management operates fully independently  

Being independent means that we are not beholden to any service provider, and we look for the most appropriate product at the lowest total fee. We conduct due diligence and continuously review and compare service levels, fees, and performance of service providers to retain only the most competent as our approved providers. Due diligence includes regular personal interaction with the fund management teams that we employ in our client portfolios. 

Local and international investment planning

Even though we are situated on the tip of Africa, South African investors can establish investment portfolios across the globe. Technology has made it easier to manage these portfolios in conjunction with clients, even though they themselves may have moved to another part of the world. 

We establish, maintain, and administer suitable investment portfolios both locally and in various global jurisdictions, making use of all the investment structures and products available. Knowledge of local and international tax systems, probate and death duties forms an integral part of the investment planning process.

Pre- and post-retirement planning

Retirement planning can typically be split into two parts, accumulation and decumulation phases:

Accumulation or pre-retirement

Pre-retirement planning is tailored around generating growth and inflation-beating returns for your asset base. We look at cash flow requirements and savings ratios to determine how much you should be saving to achieve your long-term goals

Likewise, we understand the importance of constantly sharing information on developments that may affect your portfolio or the way in which your portfolio is managed. You require professional input to make informed decisions and to understand your personal circumstances in the correct perspective.

Decumulation or post-retirement planning

Post-retirement planning focuses more on capital preservation, income generation, as well as tax and fee mitigation. We look to ensure that your capital is working hard for you to preserve your lifestyle and ensure perpetuity of income throughout your golden years. 

Cost effectiveness is achieved by constructing a portfolio using proven building blocks. This is because frequent future changes will result in indirect tax costs. As a result, Capvest goes the extra mile to unpack and clarify all costs so that you can comfortably compare apples with apples.

Local and international estate planning

“There are only two things certain in life: death & taxes.

 – Benjamin Franklin.

In the context of estate planning both certainties are extremely relevant. It is our goal to assist our clients in navigating and planning for these events to make the inevitable more bearable.

 There are various actions that you can take during your lifetime to reduce some of the complexity at passing. The simplest actions include having a valid and enforceable Will in place, all the way through to life wrappers and offshore trusts. This is a very tricky and technical field, but through experience we can help to simplify the best suited alternatives in every scenario.

Corporate cash management services

Through a partnership with Investec Bank Limited, we can assist you with no fee, low transaction banking facilities, which can be established in your individual, trust or corporate capacity. Your accounts generate a money market linked return with immediate availability. 

We view this as a value-added service to all our clients. It helps us to control the flow of funds when implementing investments, while you have a private banker on call without the associated high monthly fees in case of emergencies.  

Forex Services

A large proportion of our client portfolio revolves around direct offshore investments. We decided to go one step further to make it easier for clients to transfer funds offshore by bringing the process in-house. 

We have a service level agreement in place with Investec Treasury which ensures that our clients get better rates than would be achievable through normal retail banking institutions. A further benefit to you, our client, is that we facilitate and control the full process, which means less hassle and time spent.

Risk assessment and planning

Risk planning is not core to our service offering but it does form part of most financial blueprints. Where we identify the need for risk insurance, we offer comparative quotes from all the larger recognised life companies to ensure that an informed choice can be made.